2014 Center Activity Report


  1. A commemoration programme was made on February 6 for Prof. Dr. Türkel Minibaş, one of our late professors.
  2. The Center organized an event titled “Gender Discrimination, Harassment and Violence in the Universities” for 8 March International Women’s Day on March 5 in Istanbul University Convention Center.
  3. Our center took part in the 1st National Women’s Research Centers Congress which was hosted by the Women’s Research and Education Centers of the University of Dokuz Eylül and the University of Ege and which was organized in Kuşadası on April 24-25. All the centers were present in the congress to exchange experiences related with women’s research areas.
  4. Our students attended the Gender Studies Student Conference carried out by Women’s Studies department of the University of Ankara in Cebeci Campus on April 24-25; Biray Anıl Birer (student assistant) with her paper titled “Women and Humor”, Egemen Kepekçi (student assistant) with “Discourse of Masculinity and the Reproduction of Masculinity”, Volkan Pirinççi with “Housebound Women on Facebook Pages of Brands: Examples of Facebook Pages ‘Clever Women’s Club’ and ‘What Do Women Want’”.
  5. Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sevgi Uçan Çubukçu, Assistant Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aynur Soydan Erdemir and Dr. Berrin Oktay Yılmaz attended the 5th Workshop titled “What can be do against Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault in the Universities?”. Works of the universities related with sexual harassment and sexual assault were discussed and new suggestions exchanged.
  6. On the 30th of May 2014, 14.00 we had a meeting in our Center with our guests Assoc. Prof. Emine Ö. Evered (PhD), Assoc. Prof. Michelle Kaminski (PhD), Lecturer Hannah Brenner and Assist. Prof. Stacy Hickox (PhD) from Michigan State University in USA. The things Women’s Research and Education Center and Michigan State University can do together were discussed and information was given regarding a possible cooperation.
  7. A meeting was made on June 7 for the workshop of the European Union Project titled “Safe in Secure” to be held towards the end of June.
  8. The workshop of the project “Safe in Secure” Prevention of Violence against Women: Strengthening the Capacity of Local and National NGOs was made on June 23 in the Council Room in Faculty of Science of the University of Istanbul.
    Presentation and workshop of the EU project titled “Safe in Secure” of which KSAUM contributed for the education and consultancy was made on June 23. Director of the Center Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sevgi Uçan Çubukçu made a speech in the press conference. Prof. Dr. Fatmagül Berktay, Prof. Dr. Nurcan Özkaplan from KSAUM, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Ufuk Sezgin and Women’s Studies Master student and Social Service Specialist Müge Civan made speeches on violence against women in the workshop held on the same day between 13.30 – 16.30. Social Service Specialists, researchers from Women’s Studies and the Project Team discussed the content of the education to be given to the students of Police Academy.
  1. A meeting was made with researchers Aslı Polatdemir and Charlotte Binder from the University of Bremen on October 16. Information was exchanged on the activities held. An agreement was made in principle regarding academic cooperation.
  2. The sixth interuniversities workshop titled “What can be do against Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault in the Universities?” was hosted by Koç University on November 8, Saturday. The Center’s Assistant Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nuray Ergüneş, Dr. Berrin Oktay Yılmaz, Gültan Ergün, Ayşe Öztürk and our students Tuşen Olgunlu and Damla Türkmenoğlu attended to workshop. Attending universities shared their studies regarding the issue and exchanged ideas on what to do in the future.
  3. On 17 November, Monday “Gender Sensitivity“ Education was given to the official personnel of the University of Istanbul by our instructors Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sevgi Uçan Çubukçu, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aynur Soydan Erdemir, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nuray Ergüneş and Dr. Berrin Oktay Yılmaz.
  4. As KSAUM we made the workshop titled “Mechanisms against Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault in the University of Istanbul” on the 24th of November with the participation of academic and official personnels and students, within the scope of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. In the workshop opinions were exchanged about mechanisms to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault, different experiences from different universities were examined and mechanisms to prevent, deter and abolish sexual harassment and sexual assault have been discussed. With this aim, a work group has been formed with the guidance of KSAUM. The next meeting will be held on 15 December, 2015, Monday at 11.00 in our Center.
  5. Women’s Research and Education Center showed the documentary “My Child” on November 27, Thursday. After the documentary, director Can Candan, producer Ayşe Çetinbaş, Metehan Özkan and parents Sema Yakar, Pınar Özer, Şule Ceylan and Ömer Ceylan were there to answer the questions and talk about the documentary.
  6. December 4, Joint-MA Meeting
  • Course schedule and the course contents were examined and new additions were made.
  • It was agreed upon that the new coordinator of the programme Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nuray Ergüneş to meet and share the information with Director of the International Academic Council Prof. Dr. Çiğdem Kayacan.
  1. December 4, “Safe in Secure” Project Meeting
  • Studies made regarding the education kit.
  • Titles of the courses were reviewed and the course content will be requested from the course instructors.
  • Student assistant Ayşe Öztürk and Center Secretary Gültan Ergün were assigned for the project.
  • Project Supervisor Prof. Dr. Nurcan Özkaplan attended the meeting and information were exchanged regarding the process of the project.
  1. Assistant Director of the Center Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aynur Soydan Erdemir attended the meeting of the Violence Against Women Monitoring Committee on December 12 as a representative of the Center.
  2. The second workshop titled “Mechanisms against Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault in the University of Istanbul” was made on the 15th December, Monday at 11.00 in our Center. In the meeting, the necessary steps to be taken and the sort of method to be applied in order to reach a course of action have been talked and decisions made on what to do next about the issue.
  3. Professor Dr. Kadriye Bakırcı from the University of Hacettepe has given a conference titled “Gender and Labor Law” on December 19th, 2014 at 14.00 in our Center. After defining concepts such as equality, discrimination and positive discrimination, Bakırcı has given information about the situation of women in labor laws and work life. Giving examples from different countries and cases, she mentioned significant points in the former and the current laws.
  4. Numbers 12 and 13 of the year 2013 of the Women’s Studies Review were published and distributed to the related organizations and individuals.
  5. Numbers 14 and 15 of the year 2014 of the Women’s Studies Review were made ready to be presented to the Editorial Board.
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