Affiliated to the Institute of Social Sciences, Istanbul University Department of Women’s Studies is a graduate program leading to an MA Degree. The interdisciplinary program includes courses such as history, literature, cultural studies, feminist theory, political theory, law, media, economics and industrial law. The Department of Women’s Studies graduate program is open to all candidates with an undergraduate degree.

First time in Turkey in the 1990-1991 school year, the Women’s Research graduate program was launched as an interdisciplinary academic field under the roof of I.U. Women’s Research and Education Center.  In the 1993-1994 school year, the Department of Women’s Studies affiliated to the Institute of Social Sciences was founded. Up until now, 68 students have graduated from our program. Students who graduate with an MA degree in Women’s Studies can work at NGOs, social service organizations, women’s shelters, the units of the status of women opened in the city governorships and in the academic field.


The program is designed to accommodate students with different qualifications such as:

  • Obtaining the essential knowledge and perception on theoretical and methodological subjects about women’s studies and gender,
  • Doing necessary field research for women’s studies,
  • Improving the skills of analytical and critical thinking, and the capacity of asking questions,
  • Developing research methods in interdisciplinary fields and re-problematizing given issues,
  • Providing independent and fair knowledge generation; improving verbal and written communication skills.

To fulfill the requirements of the MA Degree in Women’s Studies, students must complete at least 21 credits of course work, including 7 courses and 1 seminar class and a scholarly thesis submitted in standard formats. All courses and course definitions of the MA Program in Women’s Studies can be seen under the ‘courses’ page.


The Head of Department: Prof. Bedia Demiriş

Research Assistant: Egemen Kepekçi (egemen.kepekci@istanbul.edu.tr)

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İstanbul University Main Campus

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